The Church of Burt was born in a small studio in the back streets of Thornbury under a fig tree - a band of music intervention of time & space.  Born at the right time just to take their audience far out to where they need to the rainbow connection......deep inside. 

All Ages...

The Church of Burt perform for 5 year olds, 50 year olds & 20 year olds - to humans or goannas - in gardens, venues, events & gatherings where peace is a radical word.

Audience Embrace...

Like a strange form of worship where the audience are the congregation - drinking fermented hops, water.....lemon cordial....the holy relics are our hearts - our dreams driving on an 8 lane high way viewed from our minds.

Renowned for their musical prowess and performance credibility garnered from years in melbourne's music coffee....

Emma Bathgate Singer Performer -  known for her brazen past as The Dilapidated Diva has fallen off her perch into a soft fake suede lounge......

Simon Eszeky sublime guitarist - Mother of the note is out of reach, no string too tense, no silence ignored....

Jim Dunlop drummer drum clinic legend.....of Circus Oz, Christa Hughes to Club Swizzle fame....& producer of Melbourne's once iconic lovers event on Valentine's Day...Butt Lovey.

Renato Vacirca love child of Ennio Morriconi & Zsa Zsa Gabore - frury hath no musical summation of all more glorious

Dan Witton phenomena of genius musician performer renaissance being creator

 emmma bathgate is the winner of Green Room Award Most Outstanding Cabaret, Melbourne International Comedy Festival Best Newcomer & Winner of Melbourne Fringe Festival 

           Management & Booking

                 Emma Bathgate

                 M 0425 719 084

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